Group Training

We offer two types of training classes and a member’s only practice sessions for our group training:

1) PARE/POPAT Training (PPT) classes

2) Redlining Training classes

3) Practice sessions (member’s only)


The PPT classes are our test specific training classes. In these classes, you will work on improving your skills and techniques for each station of the test, one station at a time. This helps build familiarity, comfort, and confidence.

Check out our training schedule here.


Our Redlining Training classes will challenge your strength and cardio fitness, creating a larger fitness foundation that will ultimately help you pass your test, be ready for the Academy,  and ultimately be fit for duty.

Anything and everything will be used to help you be better.

Check out our training schedule here.


We offer regular practice sessions throughout the week for our Redline members. This is an opportunity to put together everything you’ve worked on in training and see how ready you are for your official test.

Try us out for 2 weeks with our Redline Intro Trial. Click the button below for more info and to sign up: