Our Services

Training Memberships

We offer training sessions throughout the week through our training memberships. Our memberships give you access to our group training classes and/or private training sessions, as well as access to our Open Gym times and our members only practice sessions. Our group training classes consist of the PARE/POPAT Training (PPT) classes, which is our test specific training class, as well as our Redlining Training classes, which is our strength and conditioning based class that will improve your strength and fitness. Learn more about our memberships and prices by clicking the button below.

Offical and Practice Tests

Are you only looking to run the test? We offer both official and practice tests for the PARE, POPAT, SOPAT, and COPAT tests. But if you have no prior experience with the test you’re preparing for, we highly suggest attending a training session, whether it’s private session or group session. See the memberships that we offer, or try us out for 2 weeks in our Redline Intro Trial (RIT) program, otherwise click the button below to learn more about our testing sessions.

Training Schedule

We offer several group training sessions throughout the week. To see our schedule, click the button below.

Try us out for 2 weeks with our Redline Intro Trial. Click the button below for more info and to sign up: