Our Services

IT3 Program(Private Training)

The IT3 program is the best place to start your journey to passing your test. If you’ve never ran a test before, or struggled to finish, this private training program will help create the foundation you need to succeed.

Group Training

In our group training program, we offer our PARE/POPAT Training (PPT) classes and Redlining classes. During PPT, each station of the test (obstacle course, push/pull machine, vault) is worked on one at a time so you can focus on improving your techniques and pacing skills. In the Redlining classes, you’ll develop the cardio fitness and strength foundation that’s needed to succeed for your test.

Offical and Practice Tests

Do you only need to run a test? We offer both official and practice tests for the PARE, POPAT, SOPAT, and COPAT tests. But if you have no prior experience with the test you’re preparing for, we highly suggest attending a training session, whether it’s private session or group session. See our services above, otherwise click the button below to learn more about our testing sessions.

Try us out for 2 weeks with our Redline Intro Trial. Click the button below for more info and to sign up: