I initially had a lot of trouble finding a trainer that understood what the police fitness test required. Then a friend told me about Marc.

I initially failed my POPAT at 5:15 but Marc worked with me to improve my technique and fitness level. My time dramatically began to improve, I passed my POPAT at 4:15 but I continued to train hard with Marc to drop my time and in my first week at the police academy, I completed it in 4:04.

This was my personal best thus far and I thought it wouldn’t get that much better. I was wrong because I ran a 3:52 six months later!

S.Y. – West Van Constable

I have recommended many friends and acquaintances to Marc because he is the go-to guy when it comes to PARE and POPAT training.

He has helped numerous clients to succeed in their fitness testing and played an integral part in many of us becoming police officers. I would recommend Marc not only to applicants but working officers. Fitness in policing is a way of life and should not stop after the initial test.

T.T. – VPD Constable

I was an applicant with the RCMP and thought I was fairly fit as I went to the gym 2-3 times a week and played floor hockey but when I ran the PARE for the first time was I surprised at how tough it was. Needless to say I failed with over a 6:00 PARE time as the push/pull had the best of me. I knew that for me to continue with the application process, I needed to train my butt off to pass the PARE. I reached out to Marc and trained with him.

From heavy lifting to conditioning, and practice PAREs in between, the next time I ran the PARE I got it down to 4:01. Marc taught me different techniques for someone with small stature to overcome the PARE. He was also full of encouragement and helped me work through my injuries. I continued to train with Marc up until I went to depot for 8 months of training and he got me into tip top shape!!! I was in the best shape of my life and now I’m a Constable with the RCMP and have Marc to thank for my success!

D.K. – RCMP Constable

I have been an applicant with the RCMP and VPD for several years and have never had problems with the PARE with my best time being 3:18. However, because I’m not a good distance runner, I failed the VPD POPAT on my first try as I passed the run but had no energy left for the POPAT. Before I could re-do the POPAT I suffered a major knee injury which required surgery. Once I recovered I had to not only step up my training had to train smarter as well. I was referred to Marc by a mutual friend and I contacted him immediately and began my training with him.

I told Marc about my poor distance running ability and helped me work on it on top of the conditioning right away. If we didn’t work on that aspect in class he’d give me a routine to do on my own. And that’s what’s great about Marc – he listens to each and every one of his clients and helps them work on their specific weaknesses whether it’s on his time or ours.

When it was time to do the POPAT, I had not only passed it with 10:46 on the 1.5 mile run and 3:38 on the POPAT but had energy left at the end. I was also in the RCMP process during this time and I was amazed that I completed the PARE in 3:08 – 10 seconds better than my previous best, when I was 8 years younger and had healthier knees!

Training with Marc was one of the best decisions I had ever made. He’s extremely knowledgeable, professional and friendly. He will go out of his way to ensure you improve and succeed. His classes are never the same and every exercise and movement is specific to some aspect of the POPAT/PARE. I highly recommend Marc for anyone who wishes to pass or improve on their times.

N.W. – RCMP Constable

I came to Redline Conditioning after being referred by a recruiter who saw potential in me. I was struggling with the POPAT and specifically the push pull machine. I was slightly hesitant to use a trainer mostly because I had never gone to one before and didn’t know who was legit or not.

My recruiter at the time had such a glowing review of Marc that I decided to give it a shot. Immediately when I met Marc I felt comfortable and excited for us to start working together. He was young and energetic and extremely passionate so I knew we would get along. He was able to create specific workouts for me and changed them if needed. He always pushed me the perfect amount and support me all the way. Last year I was able to do the PARE in 3:51 and then 3:34 which I know was completely because of Marc. I can’t thank Marc enough for what he’s done for me and I’m glad to call him my friend.

H.M.R. – RCMP Cadet