POPAT Test – 17 vs 20 vs 23 vs 26 sec laps

Have a quick watch of the video clip below. It shows what running a 17 second lap looks like, what a 20 second lap looks like, what a 23 second lap looks like, and what a 26 second lap look like.


Three seconds separates each lap. And for a single lap, 3 seconds doesn’t sound like much. But from an energy perspective, it is tremendous, especially if you try to maintain faster than you can maintain times (ie sprint) for all 6 laps.

And 6 laps is a surprisingly long time to try to sprint the course. When you consider the total distance for 6 laps is 400m, and you throw in obstacles to the run, going all out is never a good idea. You simply won’t recover in time to effectively get through the push/pull machine and the vault.

We have tested many people who start like the rabbit and finish like the turtle. And the turtle finish ain’t pretty.

Always remember, just cause you can run fast doesn’t mean you should.

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