Warming up for your police test is essential if you want to do well on test day. So many people going into their test, whether it’s the PARE, POPAT, SOPAT, or COPAT, fail to take advantage of what warm-up time is given to them before their test. Some have the false belief that shouldn’t do anything at all for fear of wasting energy, but that is so far from the truth. Here are a few reasons why you should warm-up:

  1. You ‘prime’ the body to get ready for action
  2. Your muscles are warmed up and loosened and ready to go
  3. Your joints get loosened up, decreasing the chance of injury
  4. Your HR slowly increases, that way it doesn’t jump from 0-60 when you start your test; it’s already elevated
  5. It gets you mentally ready, which is crucial when you’re hurting at the end and you need to dig deep to find that extra gear

I’ve put together a basic warm-up routine that you can follow for your next test. It’ll take you about 10 min to complete. If you’re among the first 3-5 to test, you can still take advantage of the warm-up. If you’re around the middle of the pack or near the end to test, you can redo parts of the warm-up as your turn is about to come up, that way you get the body ready again.

Below is the routine:

  • 4 laps around the gym
  • High knee grabs x 10
  • Walking lunges, forward, reverse x 10
  • Shuffle walk x 10

The following is done half the length of the gym (~40-60ft)

  • High Knee skips x 2
  • Straight leg skips x 2
  • Butt kicks x 2
  • Star Shuffle x 2
  • Back pedal x 2
  • Carioca x 2
  • Power Skips x 2 (full length, rest 0:30 between skips)
  • Sprints x 2 (full length, rest 0:30 between sprints)

If there’s time, run a couple laps of the course and practice the push/pull. Finish with:

· Forward and back legs swings x 10 (per leg)
· Side to side leg swings x 10 (per leg)
· Forward arm circles x 10 (one arm at a time)
· Backward arm circles x 10 (one arm at a time)
· Arm crossing x 10
· Arm swings x 10

To see how most of the routine is performed, watch this video:

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