Play To Your Strengths

In the video below, you’ll see two different strategies employed by Coach Marc and Coach Luca as they run through the POPAT.

To put things in context, Coach Marc stands about 5’5” (5’6” on a good day), weighs 140ish lbs, and come from an endurance training background.

Coach Luca  stands 6’2”, weighs 240ish lbs, and comes from a power/speed background. When it comes to the tests, both coaches play to their strengths to maximize their performance. You can see how the differences in their approach to the POPAT.

Since Marc has a lighter frame and competitive endurance background, he has the advantage on the course and can afford to go out quick (and maintain that pace). The machine slows him down, particularly the push, but he’s able to regain some of that lost time at the vault.

Luca’s advantage is on the machine, particularly the push. He knows he can crush it, but only if he holds back on the course. Although he has the speed to go quick through the laps, it’s not sustainable for him so he holds back his effort. This allows him to crush it at the machine and still have energy left over to get through the vault in a very good time.

The difference in their build and in their training background, helps dictate the strategy they take to the tests.

This is why it’s important to practice the test before the real deal (even if you have to simulate it). As much as we provide tips on what is optimal, you still need to find what works best for you.

Play to your strengths to maximize your performance.

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