Ace Your Police Fitness Test To Make Your Dreams Come True

Get the expert advice and custom plan you need from a former RCMP PARE tester who has coached hundreds of successful candidates to the happy and fulfilled new lives serving others they’ve always dreamed of. 

For those who want to serve, there is no escaping the dreaded fitness test. Failure means kissing your dream goodbye. 

You know you’re a strong candidate. You may even have even been told that by your recruiter. But the fitness test is the obstacle standing in your way.

Except the test is more than an obstacle. In your darker moments, you see it as a mountain you’ll never been able to climb.

You’ve tried everything to get stronger and fitter, from the free programs in muscle magazines to hiring a personal trainer. Nothing worked. The vault that is part of your test still looks like a tower and the “machine” still looks like a monster.

You’re spinning your wheels. You feel your dream slipping away.

And Now, Imagine This

It’s graduation day. You proudly don the uniform. YOUR uniform. The uniform you earned.

Your family and friends are in the stands, crying tears of joy as they watch you march down to receive your badge. You accept it with a beaming smile, give your salute, and march back into line knowing that you’ve achieved something few people do.

But sometimes you have your doubts it will ever happen. The clock is ticking and you still don’t have what it takes to pass your fitness test. Or maybe you’ve tried the test and failed (much to your surprise because you’ve been playing sports all your life.)

Still, you just can’t see yourself working forever in retail or security, or in a factory or office job.

You know you have a calling: to serve and protect others and keep them safe.

So imagine the future if you  DON’T take action. Imagine still debating what training program to follow, what foods to eat, and not having anyone to be accountable to. You’ll be stuck where you are, no closer to your goal and feeling tour dream slip away.

Good News! Help Is On The Way

I’m Marc Locquiao, owner of Redline Conditioning in Langley, BC, Canada. It’s the only gym I know of that specializes in helping people like you start happy and fulfilling new lives as police officers and firefighters. 

Now my services are available online to anyone, anywhere who needs to overcome obstacles to become a police officer, RCMP officer, firefighter, or soldier – or just train like them.

But don’t just take my word for it. Here is just one of my hundreds of success stories. 

“I can wholeheartedly say that if it wasn’t for Marc, I would not be where I am, a soon to be 5 year RCMP Constable. I had a mind block when it came to the vault and he was able to get me past it. His training was specific to what my needs were and he was able to analyze those beyond what I was even able to see. Marc’s services are worth their weight in gold. Redline Conditioning was the best investment I ever could have made.” – Melita

Like Melita, you believe policing is your calling, and I believe it’s my obligation to get you there.

“Why aren’t you a cop,” is a question I get asked all the time. After all, my job is preparing others for police fitness tests.

The truth is what I like most about policing is the cop show stuff:  the car chases and, taking down the bad guys. That’s not a good enough reason to take the plunge myself. So people wonder how I started training cops and future cops.

I like to call it a happy accident.

My fitness career started at the local Y, and at the Y we used to run official PARE tests for the RCMP. One day my boss asked me if I wanted to help out with it, and I said “Sure! It looks like fun!”

Little did I know how much it would become part of my life.

Anytime someone failed their test, they would come up to me afterward to ask if I could help them pass their next test. And I did. And then they succeeded.

Before long, I developed a reputation as the go-to guy for passing the PARE, filling a gap because almost no one else offered specific fitness training.

Over the past 10 years, I’ve helped hundreds of people pass their fitness tests and achieve their dream of policing. They are living the dream, and dozens more are training at the Academy at any one time.

I understand the road you travel can be lonely, and walking beside you provide the support you need.  But I also won’t hesitate to call you out if you’re not putting in the work. You’ll get back on track.

Here’s how it works. 

The first step: TRAINING

You will dial in your training and build a program that will work for you, taking into account your current abilities, your final goal, your schedule, and what you have available for training  You want to build a body that is well rounded and can perform at a high level for both cardio and strength.


It’s one thing to let yourself down, it’s another to let someone else down. This is why having a coach is invaluable. Not only do you have an expert developing a program for you, a coach will keep you accountable to your actions.

It’s a process, and processes are done one step at a time.


When’s the last time you tried a free workout, or followed a Youtube workout. How well did that work for you?

We all like things that are free, but those workouts don’t take into account your individual needs. It’s also easy to fall off the wagon.

With online coaching, your program is designed for you, with your needs and goals in mind. 

You have a coach to keep you on track, so you never leave that wagon.

There’s the convenience factor too. You don’t have to coordinate your schedules with your trainer. Only available at 11pm at night? With an online coach, you eliminate any kind of scheduling conflict.


You may be pleasantly surprised. It’s much more affordable than working with a personal trainer in a gym. The exact cost varies because everything we do here is customized and hand-crafted.  Nothing is cookie cutter or run-of-the-mill.

I’d be happy to give you a custom quote on a free consultation call. Book a call below to see if we’re the right fit.

You are capable of achieving your dreams. I believe you are.

But don’t just take my word for it.

Read These Success Stories

And Imagine Your Own

Norm says:

“Training with Marc was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I have played sports my entire life and I thought I knew enough about training but Marc opened my eyes. He’s extremely knowledgeable, professional and friendly. He is a great listener and will go out of his way to ensure you improve and succeed. I highly recommend Marc for anyone who wishes to pass or improve on their times.”

Tiffany, a 4 year Vancouver, BC Police Department  says:


“Marc’s training has benefited me in that my weight-lifting technique is better, my conditioning has improved and my confidence has improved. Marc is an excellent trainer for anyone who wants to improve their fitness and surpass their goals.”

And Hannah, who’s currently going through Academy training, says:

“The first time I ran the POPAT I had no idea what to expect and ran it in 5:18 (more than a full minute over the passing time!) In a little over two months of consistent training with Marc, I am now down to 4:09 (a pass!)”

Your Next Steps

Norm, Tiffany and Hannah are all living the dream and so can you.

I’ve seen many changes in the application process during that time for many agencies, but what never changes is the fear and uncertainty of those who apply.

The journey to policing and firefighting is not easy, and trying to go alone will only increase your anxiety. Why put yourself through that torture?

You’ve tried doing all this on your own, but be honest: where has that gotten you? Are you where you want to be? Or are you still falling short? 

If you want to make the change you need to live the new life you want, apply below for a free 30-minute telephone consultation.

Let’s find out if you’re a good match for my online training program. It could be the smartest decision you ever make.