Jumping Forward Vs Up and Over (Hurdle Jumps)

The 18″ hurdles looks straightforward; you jump over one, take a few steps, and jump over another. In the first few laps, they still don’t seem too bad. But as fatigue sets in, the jumps start getting sloppier and sloppier.

One reason for the sloppiness? It’s how you’re jumping them.

It’s very likely you’re putting more effort in jumping upward to clear the hurdle, rather than jumping forward. Think back to your last few test runs, and think specifically about your hurdles. Did it feel like there’s was more effort involved?

There’s a subtle, but important, difference between jumping forward and jumping up and over. And learning this difference can take some getting used to. When done properly, though, it will make a world of difference. You’ll start saving energy, energy that can be used at other, more important, parts of the test.

Check out the video below to learn the difference of jumping forward vs up and over:


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