How to Perform the Pull (PARE/POPAT Test)

Of the two tasks you perform on the machine, the pull is the easiest (unless you’re a 100 lbs lightweight, it could be a struggle).

That doesn’t mean there are no challenges to it. I’ve seen plenty of people still mess up the pull.

One of those challenges is the initial pull of the weight. Very similar to the push, people treat the pull like it’s an upper body exercise. They tend to sit back, then pull on the handles. This leads to them yanking at the handles and getting into a more difficult position to perform the pull effectively.

The key is to use the legs to push yourself back, and keep the arms bent and stiff as you do so. Think of it like you’re in a tug-o-war.

For an in depth tutorial on how to perform the pull, check out the video below:


(And if you wanna know how you can simulate the pull without the machine, check out this post using bands to mimic the pull)

To learn how to perform the push, check out the post here.

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