How to Achieve a Faster POPAT (without improving fitness or skill)

Is that even possible?

Of course it is! And I’ll tell you how.

A lot of time is wasted in the transitional areas. Those are:

  • The course to the machine
  • The pull to the push
  • The machine to the vault
  • The falls to the jumps and the jumps to the falls


Add it all up and that can be several, maybe even dozens of seconds you can shave off. That can be the difference between a pass and a fail. It could even be the difference of achieving a competitive time.

Check out the video below where I go into detail the different areas you can save time:


In the last few minutes of the video, I talk about cutting down as many steps as possible when transitioning from the falls to the jumps and the jumps to the falls. If you skip to the 2:38 mark of the video, you’ll see what I mean put in action


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