If you’re interested in joining Redline, but have lingering questions, check out our frequently asked questions.

What are the training rates?

Membership rates range from $170-$250 per month, depending on the membership. Drop-in classes are $30. The Saturday practice tests (for non-members) are $65.

What are the memberships?

There is a Month-to-Month membership, 6 month membership, and 12 month membership. Membership gives you unlimited Police Fitness Training (PFT) classes, access to the member’s only practice tests, and member’s only rates for workshops and programs.

How does the training work?

Training at Redline is primarily group based training. There is the regular, ongoing PFT classes which can be joined at any time.

There is also the 6 PAT Training program, a small group program (max 6) designed for the beginner and/or people unfamiliar with the tests. For more info and dates for the next set of 6 PAT training, check it out here.

Do I need a membership to join the training classes?

You don’t need to be a member to join. Being a member has it’s perks though, such as access to the member’s only practice tests, unlimited PFT classes, and member only rates for private training and workshops.

If you wish to drop-in only, you can sign up for a training class here and click on the class you wish to join.

I’d like to join the classes regularly, but I’m unable to commit to a membership, and I don’t want to pay a drop-in fee every time. Is there another option?

Yes, for those with irregular or hectic schedules, there is also a 10 Class Punch Pass option for $270. The classes must be used within 3 month.

Do you offer private training, one-on-one?

Yes, private one-on-one training is offered, but with limited availability.

Are you only in Langley? Do you have locations elsewhere?

Our sole location is in Langley. We do not have any locations elsewhere.

I’m training for the COPAT, do you offer training classes and practices for the COPAT?

If you’re preparing for the COPAT, the best class to join is the PPT class. Although geared to the PARE and POPAT test, there is plenty of work done on the push/pull machine and the vault. These two parts of the test present the most challenge to participants.

In regards to practice tests, we don’t offer dedicated times to the COPAT.

I’m training for the SOPAT, do you offer training classes and practice for the SOPAT?

We do not offer specific classes or the SOPAT, nor specific practice test days. The SOPAT is very similar to the POPAT, though, and attending the PPT classes will certainly benefit you. If you wish to run a practice, you can sign up for the POPAT practice tests. There are only slight modifications to be made to convert the POPAT to the SOPAT.

What options do you have for beginners, or for someone who’s intimidated by the test?

You’re in luck, we have the 6 PAT Training program for the beginner in mind. Learn more about the 6 PAT program here.

What’s included in a membership?

Membership gives you unlimited access to the PFT classes (Redlining and PPT), access to the member’s only practice test (6 per month), and discounts on workshops and specialty programs.

How often do you run practice tests?

For non-members, twice a month on Saturdays. For members, every Sunday morning and biweekly on Friday evenings.

How long does it take to pass the PARE/POPAT?

It depends on a few factors:

  • Current physical abilities (cardio and strength)
  • Previous training experience (ie recreational athlete, competitive athlete, fitness enthusiast, no experience)
  • Consistency of training

For some people, particularly athletic types, it can take as little as a few weeks to pass. For others, it can take more than 6 months.