Choose From TWO Comprehensive Police Fitness Training Classes

The Police Fitness Training program is the most popular training program. It is an ongoing program that can be started at any time and consists of two types of classes:

1) PARE/POPAT Training (PPT) classes

2) Redlining Training classes


The PPT classes are the most specific of the two training classes. Here you will build your skills and familiarity of the tests. Different components of the test is broken down to help you become familiar with the test. This in turn helps you become efficient.

When you’re efficient, you save energy. When you save energy, you perform better. And when you perform better, you have a faster and more competitive time.

And who doesn’t want a faster and competitive time?

To see when the PPT classes run, please refer to the training schedule here.

Note: the PPT class is NOT a practice test. To book your practice or official test, see the schedule here.


Want to improve your overall fitness, stamina, and strength? Look to the Redlining classes to get the job done.

Anything and everything will be used to challenge your fitness and strength. You can expect to perform running drills, circuit training, bodyweight exercises, tossing medicine balls, whipping battle ropes, and even flipping tires.

We use everything to help you be as prepared as possible for not only your tests, but for your career in policing.

To see when the Redlining classes run, please refer to the training schedule here.