Gain the Advantage, Practice Your PARE and POPAT Test with Redline 

Redline Conditioning is proud to offer practice sessions for both the PARE and POPAT tests. During the sessions, you will be given detailed instructions regarding the rules and the expectations of the tests. You will also receive comprehensive instruction when it comes to aspects such as the push/pull machine, the 3 foot vault, and any part of the test that gives you concern.

Post test, you will receive extensive feedback on your performance. You will learn what areas of the test you can improve and how to improve it, and you will have the opportunity to try the new suggestions so you know what to do for future testing.

All of this is done in a small group setting. Practice sessions have no more than 6 people. This gives you a better learning experience in a positive environment, a very important aspect if you feel intimidated by the tests.

To see when the next practice test is running, please see the schedule below. Want more training with like-minded people? See the Police Fitness Training page here, and check out the training schedule here.

Benefits of Taking a Practice Test

  • An edge up on the competition
  • Increased confidence
  • Constructive Feedback
  • Insight to test difficulty levels

If you need additional help with your training, please see our Police Fitness Training page here for more information.

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