Official & Practice Testing: PARE, POPAT, SOPAT, and COPAT tests available at Redline Conditioning

Redline Conditioning is proud to offer official and practice test sessions for all the PAT tests (PARE, POPAT, SOPAT, and COPAT). During the sessions, you will be given detailed instructions regarding the rules and the expectations of the tests. You will also receive comprehensive instruction when it comes to aspects such as the push/pull machine, the 3 foot vault, and any part of the test that gives you concern.

Post test, you will receive extensive feedback on your performance. You will learn what areas of the test you can improve and how to improve it, and you will have the opportunity to try the new suggestions so you know what to do for future testing.

If you’ve never done a test before, it’s highly suggested to attend our PARE/POPAT Training (PPT) classes that run every Tuesday and Thursday. You can read more about the PPT classes¬†here, and you can sign up for the classes through the training schedule here.

To book your official or practice session, click the link below: