Intro To Test Training (IT3) Program

The IT3 program is our intro program to the physical abilities test. It is a private training program where you will work 1-on-1 with one of our trainers.

In the program, you will learn the skills and techniques to tackle your test effectively, giving you more confidence for when you need to run your official test.

The program is well suited if you are a beginner or new to police fitness training. Our primary objective is to prepare you for the PARE and POPAT tests, but this program will also help those preparing for the SOPAT and COPAT tests as well.

During the program, you will develop your skills, your fitness, and your confidence for the tests. You can expect to:

  • Learn how to properly tackle the push/pull machine
  • Overcome the fear of jumping the vault
  • Learn how to pace so you don’t gas out
  • And many more skills to help you achieve a competitive score


Click HERE to sign up for the program. A member of our Team will be in contact with you and match you with one of our trainers.