Redline Conditioning


Redline Conditioning is more than just your PARE/POPAT training specialists. We are a community of people striving to make our neighbourhoods a better place. We are a community that wants to serve the greater good and protect those unable to protect themselves.

At Redline Conditioning, we help each other succeed and become something greater. We are more than just physical training. We are a family doing our best to do good.

A Community Like No Other

The application process can be isolating. Friends and family just don’t understand what you go through. But every Redliner here can relate. Every Redliner knows what you’re going through, and they got your back.

Expert Coaching and Specialized Training

You’ll only receive the best coaching and training. It is our duty to help you become the best you can be.

Redline Conditioning’s Mission

To serve those who serve and protect our communities.

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Police Fitness Trainers

Marc Locquiao

Tanya Hirschi

Bal Varn


103-22661a Fraser Highway

LangleyBritish Columbia V2Z 2T5